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Cancer remains a major health issue worldwide. Treatment of local disease has advanced significantly, but systemic, metastasized disease remains a challenge.

Small molecule therapy and immunotherapy are promising, but only for a small percentage of patients.



ElmediX was founded with the goal of developing a new pancreatic cancer treatment.


After evaluating different physical techniques (electro-magnetic fields, laser light, magnetic fields and electric fields), heat is selected as the most promising technique. A prototype treatment device is developed for preclinical testing.


Start of preclinical testing on Aachener minipigs.


Opening office in Mechelen with focus on biotech activities.

Start of dog study phase I.


First-In-Human Study: Ethics Committee approval University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) in June 2020.

Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) approval in July 2020.

Start of First-In-Human clinical trial in October 2020.


Our story is featured in major Belgian newspapers January 2022.



Our goal is to extend and improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide through the application of our innovative technology. We want to provide remarkable solutions which deliver value to patients and their families, medical professionals, and hospitals.


We aim to recognize the individual value and commitment of all our employees by creating a working environment which offers room for personal satisfaction, security, proper remuneration and career opportunities.


We strive for the highest possible reliability and quality of our products. Our desire is to be recognized as “best-in-class” delivering high-quality innovative products for our partners. We aspire to establish positive, long-term strategic collaborations with all of our partners.


We work to make our business activities profitable, so that we can meet our commitments, continue our growth and achieve our goals.


Our mission encourages us to contribute to human well-being, which includes making considerations for the environment. We want to develop products that have minimal impact on the environment in terms of design, raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, recycling and waste disposal.


Strong values define our corporate culture and help us achieve the ElmediX’ mission and vision.


 We want to be a stable, caring and reliable partner for all of our stakeholders: patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, suppliers, employees and shareholders.


As a team, we show respect for each other and work constructively on the same goal in an open, positive atmosphere, creating a pleasant, motivating and inspiring working environment.


It is important to us as a company that we fulfill our responsibilities. We conduct our professional practices with respect, honesty, transparency and fairness, always keeping in mind that our goal is to make a positive contribution to society.


Commitment, taking responsibility, initiative and continuous improvement are deeply embedded in our corporate culture.

Management Team

Prof. dr. John-Paul Bogers
CEO/CSO & Co-founder

John-Paul Bogers (CEO) is a professor of Histology and Cell Biology at the University of Antwerp. He is also a founder or board member of 6 Belgian and foreign (South Africa) companies (all medical or technology driven).

John-Paul was principal investigator of three large clinical trials on molecular biomarkers, successfully submitted applications for 20 national, industry funded and international projects (including 3 EU funded programs). He was supervisor of 13 graduated PhD students and published > 150 scientific articles.

Ir. Johan Van den Bossche
Chairman BoD & Co-founder

Johan Van den Bossche is Chairman of the Board of Directors, serial entrepreneur. He was co-founder of Krypton Electronic Engineering and led the company until its sale in 2005 to Metris (today NIKON Metrology). Since then he has been involved in several new ventures: LAB Motion Systems (Air bearings), ReVision (neurotechnology for blind people), Sculpman (3D printer technology), Xenomatix (Lidar for autonomous driving), Faromatics (Robotics & AI for farm automation, Barcelona) and Mauhn (Development of a human brain).

Johan graduated from KUL as an Electrical Engineer and worked on a PhD in robotics at PMA, Leuven and NIST, Washington DC.

Since its start in 2015, ElmediX has brought together a highly skilled and multidisciplinary team.

In the (near) future, our team will be expanded with other enthusiastic colleagues.

We are continuously looking for professionals who can take our groundbreaking innovation to new heights.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our current vacancies.

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