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ElmediX offers hope for cancer patients by using thermal therapy.
Through the innovative, reliable and medical-scientifically based treatment, the life expectancy and quality of life of these patients can possibly be improved.

What is thermal therapy?
The benefits of thermal therapy


Thermal therapy (also known as hyperthermia treatment)

ElmediX is developing an innovative thermal therapy without clinical significant side effects (toxicity) and with a high effectiveness.

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State-of-the-art innovation with thermal therapy

ElmediX offers hope for cancer patients by using thermal therapy. This innovative treatment has the potential to extend the life expectancy and to improve the quality of life.

The therapy has been developed and tested very carefully thanks to the integrity, involvement and expertise of the ElmediX team.

The test results are promising and are in line with our mission. Together with healthcare providers and investors, we strive to realize a treatment trajectory that stands for life extension and improvement of the quality of life.

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About ElmediX

Strong values determine our corporate culture and help us realize the mission and vision of ElmediX.
We stand for:





ElmediX was founded in 2015 as a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp with one goal: to develop a disruptive solution for (pancreatic) cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The ElmediX team brings this mission to life.
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